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Chiropractic Care

As neuromusculoskeletal specialists, chiropractors are recognized experts in treating back, neck and joint pain. You may be surprised, however, to learn that chiropractic physicians can also treat a wide variety of chronic and acute health conditions, including  migraines and tension headaches, sciatica, arthritis, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, high blood pressure, digestive disorders/irritable bowel syndrome, vertigo, insomnia  and more.


An expanding body of research shows chiropractic can support recovery and improve physical and mental performance by reducing inflammatory cytokines, boosting immune response, enhancing pulmonary function, decreasing oxidative stress and relieving muscle tension.

At Skinner Wellness, we know that given the opportunity, your body can heal itself. We focus on holistic health care and natural healing, offering you drug-free, non-surgical solutions. Chiropractic care can be useful for chronic pain management, and can be combined with other alternative healing treatments, such as massage and physical rehabilitation to help patients achieve optimal wellness.


Our doctors use the Palmer Package of chiropractic adjustment techniques, traction and exercises to align the spine, emphasizing spinal alignment and proper posture to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Learn how chiropractic care can take your health to the next level by calling the office at 859.231.6996 or requesting an appointment today.

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